MY EPIK LIFE: Video Contest GOLD

I entered English Program in Korea (EPIK)'s video contest this year! The goal is to create a video that entices people to consider teaching in Korea with this program. EPIK is a government-run program that brings native English speakers from Canada, the US, Australia, U.K., Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa into the country to … Continue reading MY EPIK LIFE: Video Contest GOLD

May – Aug 2018 [1 Second Everyday]

I (try to) take videos everyday and compile them all every 4 months. Here are 2018's months 5-8! Can you believe how fast this year is zooming by? I'm not ready for the year to end, but it's creeping up on me. I need to make sure to appreciate the little things even more than … Continue reading May – Aug 2018 [1 Second Everyday]

Tips for the new EPIK intake

I'm 6 months into my stint as a Native English Teacher in South Korea. Wow. Time truly flies when you're having fun, what can I say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I will no longer be part of the newest EPIK intake; once September hits, hundreds of new teachers will start their own exciting journey at their respective schools. I … Continue reading Tips for the new EPIK intake


So in my last post, I mentioned that I had just applied to teach English in South Korea. Since August, I: Waited Received an e-mail inviting me to partake in an interview Did my interview Freaked myself out thinking I wasn't eloquent enough during said interview (but lets be real i low-key knew i would … Continue reading Sooo… AM I LEAVING FOR KOREA OR NAH?