For the Canadian VIPKid Teachers out there! (AVOID WIRE TRANSFER FEE!)

It’s been several months since I’ve been back in Canada after my 1-year teaching stint abroad. I came back, and didn’t know what to do with myself… I decided to look into teaching online.

Teaching with VIPKid is easy, rewarding on most days, and very lucrative for us Canadians, north of the border.

If you already know all about VIPKid, and just want to know how not to lose out on the exchange rates/wire transfer fees, scroll down to the “How to avoid the wire transfer fee” section!!


I teach English to students from China through VIPKid’s platform…all from the comfort of my own home. I’m not kidding you, every VIPKid teacher is probably rocking their comfiest PJ pants in class.

The curriculum is set. You DO NOT need to create any content whatsoever. You should have some props and enthusiasm, and do a little bit of prep before class. However, we are not responsible for creating lesson plans.

You decide your schedule. You don’t want to teach on a certain day? No problemo. You want to teach 8 hours back to back from 12AM – 8AM EST? NO PROBLEMO. You can do that.*

(*Note: Even though you open slots, it is not 100% guaranteed that a student will book it. It takes time and patience to build up a clientele of students. If you do some research, you can find some ways in which you can boost your chances of being booked! I didn’t do anything except do my best in my classes, and even I saw a steady increase about 2 months in. I also only open slots from 7AM – 10AM EST, you could do way more than I do if you wish to!)


Typical base pay per class (30 minutes): $7-10 USD.

  • this equates to $14-20 USD per hour
  • my base is $8, so I make $16 USD/ hour, which is already more than minimum wage here

Typical incentives that you will see each month:

  • +$1 per class if you are on time. easy peasy. (now you’re at $16-22 USD/hour )
  • +$0.50 per class if you teach 30+ classes in a month ($17-23 USD/hour)
  • OR +$1 per class if you teach 45+ classes in a month ($18-24 USD/hour)

Factoring in the exchange rate, you’re making around $23 – 31 CAD/hour which HONESTLY?????? IS PRETTY DARN GOOD COMPARED TO OTHER PART-TIME JOBS.


Alright, “what’s the catch?”, you may wonder.

There really is no catch, but for us Canadians, there’s one extra thing we must do.

We must open a cross-border banking account that is BASED in the US. (not just a US-dollar account based in Canada.)

While doing research, I was so confused, but let me make the steps simple for you.

  1. Go to (this is not TD Canada Trust, it is advertised as “TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank”. It’s the US-based site!)
  2. The FREE account that you want to open up is the TD Convenience Checking account.
  3. Open your account online. Jot down your account number and your routing number.
  4. Go to the VIPKid website/app and update your banking info. The street address I used was 32 Chestnut St., and I had no issues.

Voila! easy as that!

Wait for your debit card in the mail and set up online banking. There is no international wire transfer fee between your US-based TD Bank account and your Canadian TD Canada Trust account. Read the FAQs on cross border banking here!

!! Please read up on the TD Convenience Checking account details on your own to be better informed on what you are signing up for. It is FREE ONLY if you have a minimum of $100 USD sitting in the account. !!

I hear that there is a good RBC option, but I am not familiar with that. Contact an RBC bank representative to find out more if you prefer to bank with them. Once again, just make sure you’re opening a US-based account.

On my first paycheque, the fees deducted amounted to ~30% of the pay that I was supposed to be getting. I did not lose a single penny on my second paycheque because I opened this account! Definitely worth your time.

 I am obviously not sponsored or paid to advertise this account. I was just struggling to figure out which account was appropriate, and wanted to share my findings. Hope this helps!

Happy teaching,



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