Rainy season in Korea

Monsoon season (or as I recently learned, 장마 ) is upon us.

I can only see the forecast up until next Thursday, but EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. has a picture of rain & thunderbolts. Apparently this rainy season typically only lasts for about 2 weeks, and the summer heat will intensify once it’s over. It usually begins in July (it’s June 27th today — close enough) and humidity will be here to stay until early-September at the very least.

I like rainy vibes when I’m inside and watching raindrops rolling down the window pane, as soft Studio Ghibli soundtracks play in the background. Not so much when my feet are soaked from walking up a mountain to get to school.

(pro-tip: bring extra socks to school so you don’t feel terrible all day long if the ones on your feet get wet)

Today is only day 2 of the rainy season, it’s 3:51PM and I haven’t seen a drop of rain yet WOO. It’ll come later in the day, but the summer heat is VERY MUCH PRESENT.

I’m sitting at my main school right now, and we had the A/C blasting at 23 degrees celcius — it got to a point where I actually felt chilly.

I got up to go to the bathroom, and LET ME TELL YOU. The moment I opened those sliding doors and stepped into the hallway, it felt like the air was giving me a big warm hug. A very unwelcome warm hug. This is a violation of my privacy, excuse you.

It’s not even that bad out in terms of humidity but daaaaaaaaaaaamn this Canadian ain’t ready for it.

All I can do is keep myself hydrated, stay in the shade, continue bringing socks to school, and pretend none of this is happening.

Fall will be here soon enough!

Folded Hands on Google Android 8.1

Update: i have now realized that it feels so bad because my school traps the heat and holds onto it, refusing to let go. If i stand outside, it’s actually not as bad 🙌🏼 (still humid though)

2 thoughts on “Rainy season in Korea

  1. Dramatic little Canadian! I’m actually enjoying this humidity for now–so hydrating, haha! But I’ll be suffering when the heat comes back…


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