The Final Stretch! + Some Things I’m Worried About

Everything’s pretty much set. All I have left to do is: pack, say my goodbyes, and pick up my visa. Things are going so quickly! I can’t believe I only have about 4 weeks left before I’m sitting in my airbnb in Incheon. I’m unbelievably excited, but also a bit sad to leave behind my friends and family. (To battle those feelings these days, I’ve been growing rounder by the day meeting up with everyone one last time for a meal before I go.)

Over the past week, I was stressed over one thing — my final TEFL certificate. I finished my course in late-December, but it takes about 2 weeks for my TEFL provider to issue the certificate. I was told the deadline for all documentation to be handed in was Jan 15, but I didn’t actually receive my certificate in my e-mail until Jan 18. I WAS PHYSICALLY SICK AND COULDN’T SLEEP THINKING ABOUT HOW I’D MISSED THE DEADLINE. All is well though, my co-ordinator (poor guy, swamped with e-mails from all of us) assured me that everything’s good to go and that I should “see some good news soon”.. so vague, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!

In the meantime, here’s a non-extensive list of things that I’m currently worried about facing when I get over to Korea.

  1. garlic breath — i love garlic, korea loves garlic… how will i survive? i gotta brush my teeth every 2 minutes
  2. according to the many youtubers out there: the elderly apparently push you aside b/c of seniority??? IDK HOW I FEEL ABOUT THAT, but me being me would just let them do their thing lol
  3. fruits and avocados cost an arm and a leg — i am prepared to spend my life savings
  4. being alone — but i mean, it’s inevitable and partially why i’m going in the first place
  5. loving it so much that i don’t want to leave

There are more things that I currently can’t remember off the top of my head, but I think I’ve already conditioned myself well enough to just be gracious and welcome whatever comes my way. I’m excited for what the rest of this year holds for me!

3 thoughts on “The Final Stretch! + Some Things I’m Worried About

  1. The older people pushing you out of the way is very real lol. But luckily it’s usually only getting on and off transportation. And omg avocados. I can’t wait to get back to the US when I visit and buy like 50 of them all at once ><

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    1. LOL omg you deserve it after all this time abroad! Meanwhile, I’m going to have to stuff my face with guac and avocado toast before it’s time to leave heh


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