So in my last post, I mentioned that I had just applied to teach English in South Korea. Since August, I:

  1. Waited
  2. Received an e-mail inviting me to partake in an interview
  3. Did my interview
  4. Freaked myself out thinking I wasn’t eloquent enough during said interview (but lets be real i low-key knew i would pass. i was slightly concerned for a hot minute tho)
  5. Waited some more (very patiently too, actually. i usually stress myself out because i’m impatient so i’m very surprised; good job selena)
  6. Passed the interview
  7. Gathered all my documents and shipped them away (ouch, my wallet)
  8. WAITED SOME MORE (again, stress free. maybe watching Youtube videos helped? Or maybe I was too busy procrastinating on finishing my TEFL lol)

AND FINALLY, drumroll please:

I’ll be in Daejeon next year if anybody needs me!! BRB as i go and finish my TEFL though lol

If you’re reading this and have taught through EPIK, are interested in teaching through EPIK, or will also be in Korea next year, let’s connect! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Sooo… AM I LEAVING FOR KOREA OR NAH?

  1. Hi, I’m Riley and I just submitted all of my paperwork to EPIK for the spring 2019 intake! I also put Daejeon as my preference. I’m super nervous, and I was wondering if you might want to connect? I just found your blog today and it’s already been super helpful!


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