2009.12.12 | Treasure Your Friends

Ian Tyson, a motivational speaker, inspires me to forget about stupid societal rules about the status quo, and to just put my heart out there to make friends. This was an important moment in my life that forced me to make a conscious decision on pursuing happiness.

Today, a man named Ian Tyson came to our school as a guest speaker. He’s really — inspirational. He’s hilarious, first of all. He made me laugh, for real. I realized today, sitting on the bleachers of our high school gym, that I haven’t laughed so carefreely in a long time.

I’m always known for laughing, for smiling, for blushing — for being the person who’s really fun to “bully”. Maybe it’s because of my “bubbly personality”; my reactions where I just laugh everything off. Well, I don’t really mind being “bullied”, because it was really just me being teased good-naturedly. It is one of my fool-proof ways of socializing, as sad as it is. These so-called bullies are actually just really good friends of mine (don’t worry!). Though they tease me all the time, I don’t ever want to lose a single one of them, whether it’s C. , A., RP., AT., JL., or the others — I love ‘em all.

But I guess somehow, through all this, my laughs and smiles aren’t as genuine, because I do it all the time. Maybe. I don’t know, life’s confusing. I just know that this morning, in that gymnasium, that man was so amazing that he made me laugh my head off, then start tearing up, and then laugh again.

He spoke to us about how we would regret it if we lost our friends because of high school cliques, stupid social society rules about nerds and jocks not supposed to be friends (that’s just a general stereotype) and whatnot. And it’s true. Though for me, we still acknowledge each other. They still wave to me and say “Hey” in the halls; or talk to me occasionally. But still, it’s not real TALKING, y’know? and he also told us about this quote that christopher reeve (?) the guy who played superman said.

“Pain is inevitable. Misery is a choice.”

It’s true. I’ll work harder on being even more happy.

Well, Ian Tyson has helped me realize that I need to take even more steps to treasure my friends, before I lose them.

[originally posted 091212, on wordpress]

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